Credits go to the creators of them!Without them I can't do nothing :p

You can do practically all here, hairs, clothing, objects...It is my favorite program =)
S3pe is the package editor.I use it to include custom thumbnails and remove the unnecessary files from packages.
This program allows you to create non-replacement custom hair meshes for The Sims 3. It generates entirely new hair packages that can be placed in game, and contains all possible linkages and correct file assignments.
One of 3D programs that i use to convert, edit and create the meshes here :) It's very easy to use *-*
WesHowe's Plugins
When you make a new mesh you need to export to the game format.And WesHowe is the person that do this possible :p
I use some things from these awesome sites.Credit go to the amazing artists :B
~Princess of Shadows (Template Images)