Sunday, June 6, 2010

Peggy MFAhair0165 Fixed!

I really like this hair,but it has a lot of issues.I fixed the most par of it =D

List of fixes:

*Now you can use the eye slider free without having a "hair mover".
*Texture with more quality,more white and clear
*Animation more smooth
*Show in nude option
*No unecessary textures
*Alpha fix (By Anubis360 ) ~Added in June/08~

LOD0 - 13064
LOD1 - 4998
LOD2 - 2519
LOD3 - 528

All ages - Females Only

Notes -> I was having problems in open the toddler mesh,so I didn't edited it...You will continue having the problem with the slider and the animation in the toddler mesh because it's the original by Pegy without any modification, but the rest is fixed.LOD2 e LOD3 for the toddler mesh is a low-poly mesh from the game with uvmap edited.

If you want the child and toddler version be sure you have installed the adult's version.