Peggy 05007 Converted!

I love long hairs *----------* And i'm really happy with this one :B

Mesh info

LOD0 - 9121
LOD1 - 3752
LOD2 - 1000
LOD3 - 248

*Morph states included

*Supports breast sliders

*Works for teens, youngs, adults and elders - females only

Credits Peggy
Mediafire Package
Mediafire Sims3pack
4Shared Package
4Shared Sims3pack


  1. Hello, Tum tum !
    That hair is wonderful ! *-*
    That's almost mine in the real life... lol

    But it's a bit too long :S

    I have a request ; could you shorten it a little bit like this :

    please ?

    It would be super !
    Thanks in advance... :)

  2. I'm totally agreeing with the last person,it looks like mine,but its a little to long.

  3. I love this! My hair is super long so I'm always happy to have more options for my simself. :D

  4. I love this super long hair! It actually looks good. I've noticed that a lot of the long hairs look really bad but this one looks good, good job :)

  5. Second and first anon:
    Sorry guys, but it's really difficult to modify a mesh that is already done, in that case i need make a new mesh,but my mesh skills aren't good yet :/ Sorry T.T

  6. Thank you, TumTum. Looks great, I love it. :)

  7. THANK YOU!!! I've wanted this one converted for a long time.

  8. Can you please retexture it? I dislike the texture.

  9. WoW!!! Fabulous!!
    I like long hairs. And this is perfect!

    I love the texture and the finish of your conversions. The best one!


  10. Thanks guys :B

    Anon, i will not retexture it, i love the texture :p

  11. OMG, it's so pretty. Thnks for sharing Tum :) You're too kind :D

    Anyway, do you mind adding this hair to your list?

    Thanks again, Tum Tum. I don't know what will i do without you :')

  12. *GASP* I love this hair so much!!! thnk you tum tum for making my day :)

    btw, i have a new request:

    here :

    thnk you thnk you thnk you <3

  13. Everytime i want to dowload some hair from this page in .Sims3pack, it is dowloaded in .rar. I just want to dowload Sims3packs, because rar packages are doing lot of mess in my game, but i dont know how. I click on .Sims3pack file, but it appears .rar package, how come?

  14. Aqua and Demi, requests in the list ;)

    Slecna...You need to unrar it.The sims3pack file is in the .rar file that you downloaded from the sims3pack link.

    You can usee this free program to unrar(open) the .rar files.

    This is a brazilian site, click in the big green button at the top on the left of the page.

  15. It's so pretty. We're so lucky to have someone who converts gorgeous hairs like you, tum tum :D

    Oooh, i'd love to get my hands on the hair aqua requested. can you convert them first, tum tum? If it's okay :)

  16. Tum Tum the hair is beautiful, I love the bangs much more realistic than some of the hairs that have bangs that have been made.

    I have one request, if you can not do it I understand. This is my favorite hair for males from Sims 2:

    Mesh is in this thread

    Thanks again for all your hair

    ps, your name makes me giggle because I think of my favorite movie from when I was young lol

  17. I love this hair! I have been using this hair.
    thank you so much everything.

    btw, I have one requests.

    thank you always

  18. Anon...My request list don't have order :p

    Nicole Darko already requested this hair to me, but it has forehead textures that don't match with the hair completly, sorry but i can't :/

    Last anon,you linked to one hair that is already converted ;)

  19. ei tum tum... rsrsrsrs
    adorei o cabelo azul!!! Fikou mais lindo *-*
    agora faz um kabelo rosa tah? haha

    bjinhus by: Haynne

  20. I soooooo agree with the first post.
    Come on, please make this hair shorter.

  21. This is gorgeous. Any chance of making it for children and toddlers? At a shorter length, if you wish, or long. I want this so badly but I'm pretty OCD about not having matching sets for younger ages.

  22. This will be perfect for my GaGa sim :3

  23. Do you by any chance have the link to the previous version of this hair??

    I have a Sim in my CAS with that particular custom content and I cannot load her b/c I removed it from my Download Manager. When I choose her my game crashes.

    Please post the link with the previous version.

  24. Sims3pack


    The package file is the same of the old one...I've just added some textures and replace other...

  25. Thank you sooo much! This is exactly what I wanted :D


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