Tuesday, March 29, 2011

PeggySpecial0006 Converted/Fixed!

Big time without updates :/ But here is the cause:

Many things happened with me in this time.Me and my family traveled
in december (as usual).My grandfather died in january
and us (I, father, mother, brother) was living in my grandmother's
house, because she was very shocked with the situation (my grandfather
died of a medical error).We was in my grandmother's house from
january through early of march.We came back to the normal routine only a few weeks ago.My game was borked, I merged the files in .dbc, so was impossible to find the corrupted file (but I already fixed this downloading all again).And I'm studying and working more than never now T.T So, I'm very busy these days.Probably I will not upload every week as i always did.
Anyway...I still happy :B

Now let's go to the hair *---*

I always loved this hair, but never used it because of the head size and the very bad animation :p But since this is a super pretty hair I solved convert it again :)

Mesh info


LOD0 - 11588
LOD1 - 6500
LOD2 - 1083
LOD3 - 517

*Morph States Included

*Support Breast Sliders

*Works for all ages, except for toddlers - Females only

Credits Peggy

Child file needs the adult version (TTS-PeggyZone-Special0006)
Mediafire Package
Mediafire Sims3pack
4Shared Package
4Shared Sims3pack
File names of Peggy's version for you delete