Female Accessories - Set 001

Hi!Today my first acc set for females ^w^

This is a "old" download.I made it several times ago (and edited it many times too), it was my first morph experience for acessories, before of LN yet, so I made it based in WA armband.The earrings and the bracelet I'm sure they are Base Game compatible ;)

Hope you like them!

Mesh info


LOD0 - 978
LOD1 - 577
LOD2 - 104

LOD0 - 1060
LOD1 - 466
LOD2 - 8

LOD0 - 1004
LOD1 - 1004
LOD2 - 639
LOD3 - 299

*Morph States Included (Click here to see the example)

*Works for teens, youngs, adults and elders - Females only

4 designs of the necklace included (the last is the recolorable)
Necklace, earrings and bracelet included
You will find the necklace at Armband Category (Requires WA)

Credits Anon that tested the necklace for me.

If you don't have WA just remove the necklace (TTS-Femaleaccset001_Necklace)
Mediafire Package
Mediafire Sims3pack
4Shared Package
4Shared Sims3pack


  1. I don't have WA, so I'll test it out for you. It might be a bit later, but I'll do it and let you know. :)

  2. thank you thank you! I will wait *-*

  3. very pretty! great job!

  4. i really liked how you showed the morphs. ☺ very nice.

    and the accessories are amazing. :)

  5. Aaah TumTum meu jogo não é o mesmo sem suas coisas. Obrigada \o/

  6. These are lovely, thank you, TumTum!

  7. Hi Tum, will you be able to add morphs to your male necklaces?

  8. Anon...No, because they are high poly.High poly accessories can't have morphs...This is a game configuration.Only the set4's necklace can have morphs, probably i will update it :B

    Thanks all =D

  9. Beautiful, I love your accessories! Nearly all my fav male simmies are sporting one of your sets, so my females will be happy they can join in now. Never had any problems with your stuff either eventhough we don't have all the ep's. Thanks so much for making amazing things for everyone!! ;)

  10. Anon...Thanks for your lovely words :D Anyway all my other accs are base game compatible...I only don't know about this necklace.It worked for you without WA?

  11. Love it! And yay for morphs! Thanks Tum! :)

  12. Hello again, thanks for reply! Sorry, I did not read properly that this set requires WA :( because usually all the sets work for me. So I tested in-game but necklace did not show without WA as you said. But not a big deal, the bracelet and earrings are working fine and look great in my game, so I will be using it with other earring instead. :)

  13. I meant with other necklace (blush)

  14. Thanks for testing it for me Anon ♥

    Hi aWT!

  15. lovely work as always!! thank you Tum Tum, you're one of my favourite TS3 creators :)

  16. ok i hope you can add morphs to the male set 4 necklace. after having necklaces with morphs, i kind of want all of my necklaces to have morphs, i think its just the way necklaces should be from the start.

  17. where the nails are from?

  18. No sure, but i think you can find them at


  19. *squee* Lovely necklace! Thank youuu!

    Wow, the morph gif is amazing! oO Yes I too can't wait for the set4 update! My male sims aren't beefy nor super skinny, just plain normal. Yet none of your 2 necklace sizes seem to fit them, necklace either sinks in the neck or hover way above :(


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