Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sávio's Peggy 4669 Edits

Sávio converted this awesome hair, I just solved add my own touches on it hahaha XD
I retextured it with an edited Peggy's texture  :) Also I added a Child version :P
I couldn't add lod1 without get transparency issues, so lod0 and lod1 are the same :/

Mesh info


LOD0 - 9576
LOD1 - 9576
LOD2 - 1844
LOD3 - 669

*Morph States Included

*Support Breast Sliders

*Works for all ages, except for toddlers - Females Only

Credits Sávio

Child file needs the adult version (TTS-Savio_Peggy4669AF)
Mediafire Package
Mediafire Sims3pack
4Shared Package
4Shared Sims3pack