Anto 54 Converted!

I'm loving this hair!It's excessively pretty XD

Mesh info


LOD0 - 25391
LOD1 - 8001
LOD2 - 1185
LOD3 - 544

*Support Breast Sliders

*Works for teens, youngs, adults and elders - Females Only

Credits Anto
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4Shared Sims3pack


  1. it's lovely :3 Great Job TumTum ^_^

  2. *screams* Tum Tum that is so gorgeous!!!! I love all your conversions and creations. Especially those Mother's Day poses! Now I just have to wait until my toddlers age up so we can use them. ;)

  3. I love it, so pretty I want it for a long of time thanks.

    Hello Tum Tum this is my post of a sim, if you want to download you can:

  4. love it and your sims look all so lifelike what skin are you useing?

  5. beautiful!
    btw where did you get the top/dress that the red haired girl wearing?
    Sorry for my bad English! xD

  6. Thanks guys :B

    ~Anon under Anubis...Your sims are very pretty :D

    ~Puggyuk...I'm using the skintones by peggy, ephemera and heiret

    ~Last Anon...It's from the Store

  7. Hi, are the textures that bright in the game? or is it photoshoped?

  8. oh and also, in your banner, you see the blond girl at the end what eyes is she wearing? could you link it? thanks in advance.

  9. Anon the hair has the adjust shine thing...You can adjust the shine in the way that you want.The pictures aren't photoshoped, this is an in-game lighting effect ;)

    Eyes by Heiret ~

  10. Ok thanks I thought it might be because of comments on MS3B, I actually like the extra shine im glad it's not shoped :) Thanks so much for the link, I've seen the eyes on other models and never managed to find it.

  11. Tumtum, vc é muito foda mano *---*
    Só que PELAMORDEDEUS, posta essa sim ruiva, ela é muuuuito linda, wow! ahuahua

  12. Cara, parabéns pelo seu trabalho.. quase caí de costa ao ver que é brasileiro. Você manda muito bem, as poses, tudo.. eu sempre venho aqui ver se tem novidades, eu adoro muito..
    Parabéns, muitos parabéns.. *________________*

  13. Ah this was one of my favorite hair back then! Nice conversion.

    By the way, have you checked your e-mails recently? I've sent you one to ask you some questions though I never had a reply.

  14. Hi Mura!

    I always check my mail...But didn't see your message.Can you send again?


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