Sunday, May 22, 2011

Male Accessories - Set006

More male accessories *-*

Mesh Info


Necklace               Bracelet                  Earring
LOD0 - 11144       LOD0 - 2784           LOD0 - 60
LOD1 - 594           LOD1 - 2043           LOD1 - 17
LOD2 - 236           LOD2 - 1                 LOD2 - 8

*Included two versions of the necklace, the base version (works for base and thin sims), and the fit version (works for fit sims).You can have both in game without problems

*Work for teens, youngs, adults and elders - males only

Necklace, earring and bracelet included
Necklace categorized under Glasses (Don't need EP)
The necklace may looks weird in cas, but in game it's exactly like the pics
all files are dependent of this one
Download ~Sims3pack and package included.Install only one!~