Sunday, May 29, 2011

Peggy 5637 Converted/Fixed!

Requested :)
Always loved this hair, but the original version is full of transparency issues and the animation is terrible XOh!And finally I know how to do the sims3pack's custom thumbnails for hairs works :D

Mesh info


LOD0 - 9116
LOD1 - 3487
LOD2 - 850
LOD3 - 324

*Morph States Included

*Supports Breast Sliders

*Works for all ages, except for toddlers - Females Only

Credits Peggy

Child file needs the adult version (TTS-Peggy5637_AF)
Mediafire Package
Mediafire Sims3pack
4Shared Package
4Shared Sims3pack
File name of Peggy's version for you delete