Pose Set 004 - Mother's Day

A bit late, but ok :p
I was planning upload this yesterday, but I spent all the day with my family, so was impossible...Hope all mothers had a great day yesterday ^_^

You need the Pose Player installed at your Mods folder and follow the instructions at the post to use them!
This Object is highly recommended if you want to put the sims on other places (like sofa, tables, chairs...
Roses by LL

CreditsCmomoney & orangemittens


  1. This is adorable, thank you!

  2. Ohmygosh, these are adorable!
    Thanks so much!

  3. I love these, so cute! Thank you :)

  4. AMEI, TumTum!!!! Maravilhosas! *---*

  5. Que lindooo TumTum... amei demais!

  6. Tumtum eu tenho que admitir que ja nao consigo mais ficar sem suas poses! Estas então... maravilhosas! Obrigada!

  7. Perfeitas TumTum!

  8. OMG!! Amazing :O How you make it this pose with two sim! :)

  9. ~pyszny...I just export the sim1 with the animation turned on to .obj format, after i start the new pose with the imported sim1 + the sim2 (the new pose that you are doing at the moment)...The other things are the same...When all the poses are done i just export them to .smd format individually ;)

    Also you need to remove the .obj from your project before export to .smd :B

  10. It's like anything you do, you do it perfectly and better! If that is even possible. Keep up the good work and don't let it go to your head! :-)

  11. I can't use the pose player 'cause don't working :C ,,,somebody can help me ?

  12. Cara, você é muito talentoso... Estou realmente impressionado. Você se esforça muito. Parabéns. De todo coração, você é muito BOM no que faz! :D

  13. Thank you all guys *------*

    ~Último Anon...Ler suas palavras me deixa realmente feliz :D Vlw

    ~lola Mir...Do you have the updated pose player?

    Also you can try this:

    Each of these poses must be entered twice into the pose player. This means you choose "Pose by name" type in "a_tts-mot1" and press the check, the sim will at first not do anything and freeze. Then queue a "Use current Pose", cancel the first action and enter and the sim will then pose!

    Info by traelia at MTS ;)

  14. Bruno, que maraaaaaaaa *-*
    eu faria eu e minha mãe no the sims usar essas posees mas quando eu ligo ela já fala "puts, what's this fuck?!" haha :P
    Ai, como eu sou doido e.e'

  15. These look AMAZING!!! Keep up the good work, I look forward to see more great poses from you in the future. ^_^

    It would be nice to see these pose in Sims 3, it's so romantic. *.*
    You should at least look at them because they are blush-worthy and might give you some inspiration. ^.~


  16. TumTum Simiolino : yes , i have the pose player but when i try use , it's says : no interactions available... why happen that u.u?

  17. So cute and lovely

  18. So cute and sweet, thank you Tum Tum

  19. Super cute Tum Tum I love it. Can you fix this hair of savio, please?:


    It is a beautiful hair but it has a lot of wrong things.

  20. Thank you guys *-*

    ~LolaMir...You can see the explanation of this at poseplayer's post:

    "If you have the object in the game, but can't use it due to the "No interactions available" issue, take a good long look at Game Help:Installing Sims 3 Package Files/Old Way to New Way
    If you post in the comments concerning this issue, it will be assumed you didn't read this and you comment will be ignored. "

    Read the whole post ;)

    Anon...I didn't like that hair :/

  21. OK thanks!Tum tum

  22. My mother went to work...
    Fashionists schedule are crazy. >_>

    Back to the poses. They are lovely! Great job!
    Much of special of what they represent. : }

  23. Cool je les télécharger

  24. Thanks aWT :B

    ~Anon...? O_o Google didn't translate your comment:/

    ~Rachel...What's the problem?Do you have problem with other poses or only this pack?

  25. All of your poses are so wonderfull. I can't wait to see more from you :D Keep it up ^^


  26. Hi,TumTum~!
    First,I wanna send you greetings from Europe.You are doing a good job,so keep it up ˆˆ
    So,i was wondering if you can create this hair:


    It`s just gorgeous :3
    Thanks :]

  27. Tum, did these get updated at all, or do you still have to write in the pose? =]

  28. Yay. I do have to say (just to boost your ego a little :P) that you have the best poses out of most of the ones I've seen. =]

  29. Nadzicle thanks so much for the lovely & sweet words.I really love them *-*

  30. Wow, these are awesome c:
    Thanks so much.


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