Peggy 5651 Converted/Fixed!

I'm loving this *-* My new favorite hair (yes, again XD) Hope you like it as I liked :D

Mesh info


LOD0 - 7371
LOD1 - 4058
LOD2 - 1022
LOD3 - 347

*Morph states included

*Supports breast sliders

*Works for all ages, except for toddlers - Females Only

Credits Peggy

The bangs may looks a bit blurry if you zoom out, but this isn't my fault (or Peggy's), it's just the stupid way that Sims3 renders the things...If this bothers you, can be fixed setting the graphics of your video card (see an example here), or downloading the HQ Hack, but I'm not using the hack in this pics, since many of you can't use it ;)

Child file needs the adult version (TTS-Peggy5651_AF)
Mediafire Package
Mediafire Sims3pack
4Shared Package
4Shared Sims3pack
File names of Peggy's version for you delete


  1. Lovely! Thanks so much, it's adorable. :D

  2. Wow, that's a very old hair but I always liked the style. The reason why I stopped using it was because of the bad texture and the general issues it had. I'm glad you had your take on it.

    Thank you.

  3. Amazing job Tum tum!!!

  4. Wow it look amazing! I have some hairs that are asking for your help Tum! Would you join us? :D

  5. Wonderful design as usual Tum Tum!
    Many many thanks!!
    Looking forward to the Judas hair! :)


  6. Viiish, desenterrou o cabelo, lol
    Mas fazer o que se eu gostii ? .-. xD

  7. Wow! Looks fantastic. Love it :)

  8. Love the hair :D I tried to follow you but there was no follow button :'(

  9. I already forgot about this beautiful hair! Because it was only for everyday in my game...
    and I thought you used that HG mod in those pictures :'3
    Thanks for doing this hair! I love it :)

  10. Thank you guys :B

    MrLeeTaylor...Probably is a blogger's problem, try again later ;)

  11. I didn't even recognize this hair! Thanks tum :)

  12. Gotaa love all your hair fixes. I won't be running out of hair choices now!


  13. I have to say that although i love your hairs i think your sims are really ugly

  14. Thank you guys :D

    Last Anon ~ Too bad, because I really love my sims...

  15. The texture is so great! Especially on the bangs! I had problems to recognize this hair, too! It looks so much better than the original version!

  16. Tumtum, seus cabelos em Sims3Pack não querem instalar no meu jogo DD:

  17. Thank you guiys XD

    Heitorpb tenho todos mini packs e eps...tudo patched.Instalou perfeitamente aki ;) Acabei de testar :)

  18. Cute! and new banner <3

  19. Woow! These hairs are wonderful! :)

  20. ._. eu também tenho todos mini-packs e expansões, atualizados com o último patch. Estranho.

  21. Tum i love you and plz check out ma blog am a new sim creator and i need feed back:D XD

  22. Amazing
    Please upload the model with red hair

  23. thank you guys *-*

    Heitor ~ Não faço ideia do motivo que tá causando isso :/

    Last anon ~ I will ;)

  24. I truly like it, you've done a great job :)

  25. As always, love your works!
    Just came to tell that this hair looks glitchi. Its just perfect at the cas, but very glitchi ingame!

    I don't know if it has to do something with some expansion. If you decide to re-convert it, will you announce it? :P

    I post it here... because I don't know if you read each and every blog you open. I hope you don't mind.

  26. Thank you guys :D

    Last anon...That is a very old work, but I'm planning update it ;)

  27. I love it. thanks TumTum. You can covert this hair please it is so pretty:

  28. I already tried, but it looks really blurry :/

  29. Aye, TumTum, what program do you use for your hairs? They're gorgeous, and I'd love to have them in my game. Except I have a Mac and it is grumpy :/

    Darn these graphic cards.

    P.S. Anubis' latest hair (by ButterflySims) works for me, and they said you helped them. So, basically I was wondering if your hairs are the same way? (Graphic Cards friendly)

    P.P.S. That's why most hairs don't work on Mac, because they're not graphic cards friendly :/

    Sorry if I'm being any bother!

  30. You aren't bothering ;)

    Graphic cards friend means that they are low poly, or at least medium poly.

    If you have sure that the problem is the high poly hairs (Not Graphic Cards friendly) just put low/medium poly hairs in your game.

    My definitions (this just MY opnion based on the game):

    Low poly: 1 - 7000 polys
    Medium Poly: 7000 - 10000
    High Poly: 10000 - polys forever :p

    For poly information in my site just see the LOD has the polycount ;)

    For example, this hair is graphic Cards friendly, just 7371 polys ;)

    Oh!I use milkshape as progam to do the things here ;)

  31. Beautiful! I really love all your fixes. I can't wait to see more, you've fixed a lot of hair that I would look at and think "gah this would be usable if..." I mean Peggy's hair is great, but I like to see how you improve on it. And now I'm rambling <3

  32. @TumTum: That would do it :P I heard (a long time ago, but it's probably still true now) that switching the sim resolution to its lowest setting allowed the hairs to show up. Problem is, I don't wanna do that.

    Also, I just checked and all the hairs I have of yours (that aren't showing up) are high poly, or at least in the higher range of medium-poly. I'll be careful of that from now on. Hopefully it'll work...

  33. Thanks Valerie :D

    Spindleberried ~ Also you can replace the lod0 geom with the lod1 geom.Doing this you will "lower" the polycount ;)It's very very easy to do :D

  34. You really did a great job!
    That's a lot better and I love the fixed every time you make!
    thanks, Tum^2 :)


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