Saturday, June 25, 2011

Peggy 5651 Converted/Fixed!

I'm loving this *-* My new favorite hair (yes, again XD) Hope you like it as I liked :D

Mesh info


LOD0 - 7371
LOD1 - 4058
LOD2 - 1022
LOD3 - 347

*Morph states included

*Supports breast sliders

*Works for all ages, except for toddlers - Females Only

Credits Peggy

The bangs may looks a bit blurry if you zoom out, but this isn't my fault (or Peggy's), it's just the stupid way that Sims3 renders the things...If this bothers you, can be fixed setting the graphics of your video card (see an example here), or downloading the HQ Hack, but I'm not using the hack in this pics, since many of you can't use it ;)

Child file needs the adult version (TTS-Peggy5651_AF)
Mediafire Package
Mediafire Sims3pack
4Shared Package
4Shared Sims3pack
File names of Peggy's version for you delete