Sizz's HaNui Converted!

Requested by Mastering

Mesh info


LOD0 - 3880
LOD1 - 1904
LOD2 - 766
LOD3 - 314

*Works for teens, youngs, adults and elders - Males only


*The textures in-game mod aren't very good.This hair have a lot of distinct parts for just one texture :/I hope you can understand :)

*I tried to contact Sizz to request the permission to the conversion, but her/him pm box is full,and because of this i can't send a pm for her/him.And she/he doesn't has a public mail.I hope this don't violates Sizz's Policy.
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  1. How about raon 81? could you convert that? ;o

  2. Yehey!!! I love you Tumtum! Thanks for converting this hair! It's beautiful! At least none of my requests were listed in the "canceled projects". Good luck on converting the rest of my hair requests. Happy simming! =D

  3. Yay! This was one of my favorirte hairs in the sims 2.

    Could you convert:

    It's so nice of you to take requests. I love the way you do your hair textures!

  4. @carmars

    Cazy already converted that hair however she removed it in her blog but Missbonbon retextured it and you can download that here:

    No need to convert that Peggy hair again.

  5. Aw, thank you a lot!
    This made my Sims'day!!
    I'd like to request some hair, but I bet you already have tons of requests there! Hehehe!

  6. One of my favourite sims 2 hair ! Thank you so much !
    Can you convert Helga hairs? Whatever the one you choose, they are beautiful but noone converted these.

  7. It looks great! Thank you. :D

  8. =D

    Carmars,like Mastering said,this hair is alredy converted by Cazy :)

    And all others requests are in the list ;)

  9. @ Mastering: Yeah, I know it was converted already, it's just that the textures were ugly :/... but thanks for telling me anyways :)

    @TumTum: Oh well. But thanks for this hair again!

  10. @carmars

    You can ask Missbonbon or other hair retexturers like Abbey, Chadgraphix, & Jordy to retexture the hair again.

  11. @carmars: Do you want a retexture?
    I'll be glad to do it.
    And on blogspot sites i'm sims3magic, because i can't reply with dreamwidth here.


  12. ooh, i DID reply with dreamwidth.

  13. You do an amazing job with hairs!

  14. Very cool hair! Keep up the good work!

  15. I could totally kiss you right now, but I'll spare you the embarrassment.

  16. TumTum, este é um dos meus cabelos preferidos! Decidi mudar o visual do meu sim ontem e adorei!!! Ficou lindo...Muito obrigada...

  17. Thanks for this but'...hey I think the hair
    is toooo would be better if it was lower

  18. Omh! this is so cool! love u so much ! <3

  19. Thanks! this is my favorite male hair ^_^


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