Sunday, November 3, 2019

Nicolly Hair - The Sims 4


I've been out from simming since 2011 and I'm not planning to be an active creator again. I'm much busier now. I've found a hair on and decided to edit it since it was very beautiful but extremely long and had some problems. The original hair is from Vendetta, who converted a mesh from IMVU. I never respected policies from paysites, and I don't see a reason to change my mind now. Sims community is getting worse now since everyone wants to charge a fee for their contents, even though they are not the original creators :/

The polycount is VERY HIGH. If you don't think your PC can handle it, please don't download it.

LOD0: 57K
LOD1: 14K
LOD2: 5K
LOD3: 2K

The hair has a very smooth movement and is compatible with hats. It has 32 colors, including naturals and unnaturals. I'm too lazy to post in game pictures, hope you be satisfied with CAS screenshots. Feel free to edit and publish this mesh the way you want.